A Unique Private Mental Health Service

Behavioural Wealth is able to offer a unique and discrete Advanced Mental Health Assessment. The service we offer is more than just your average mental or physical health assessment – we go above and beyond the standard way of assessing an individual’s physical and mental health. Alongside offering an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of all your physical and mental issues, we will also explore the choices you make and the habits you have formed. Behavioural disorders, such as alcohol and drug dependency, eating disorders and gambling addiction affect your mental and physical well-being. Our Advanced Mental Health Assessment looks deeper into these behavioural issues and assess exactly how they are affecting you as an individual.

Preventative Mental Health Assessment

As you may know, with all mental, behavioural and even physical health conditions – early intervention is key. By undertaking our Advanced Mental Health Assessment, you are giving yourself the chance to arrest any further symptoms your mental or behavioural health conditions may be causing.

Mental health disorders can be caused by both genetic inheritance as well as chemical imbalances in the brain. Most patients with mental health conditions also experience a range of behavioural issues that run alongside and are often exacerbated by the mental health condition. This is why our Advance Mental Health Assessment is so important in the prevention of a mental health disorder. If the behavioural issues are not addressed, it is very unlikely that the mental health condition will be able to improve, regardless of the way it is treated. By evaluating both the mental condition and the behavioural issues, we are able to tailor an individualised treatment plan which will enable the client to treat the disorder as a whole and prevent it from getting any worse.

Preventing Depression With our Advanced Mental Health Assessment

We understand that although a client’s depression will need to be assessed fully, in order for them to experience true progress with their recovery, their behaviours should also be thoroughly assessed. We know that there is very little point simply prescribing medication for depression if the negative behaviours that are occurring as a result of the depression, are not addressed.

We propose that in order to prevent a lasting depressive disorder, clients should undergo our Advanced Health Assessment, which will take place in a quiet and private Central London Location, close to Mayfair. Through the thorough physical assessment – which will include an MRI brain scan, an ultrasound along, various other blood tests as well as essential functional and biological screenings and assessments, and the full Psychiatric and Psychological assessments and evaluations we offer, we will be able to prevent your depressive symptoms from worsening.

Preventing Anxiety Disorder With our Advanced Mental Health Assessment

Low level anxiety in certain situations is normal, healthy even. However sometimes an individual’s anxiety can become overwhelming and effecting one’s ability to complete daily activities. By reaching out to Behavioural Wealth once you feel like you are beginning to struggle with anxiety symptoms, we will be able to screen you with our Advanced Mental Health Assessment and prevent the anxiety from becoming too debilitating.

By assessing the patient as a whole, and not just looking at the anxiety and how to resolve it. Our Advanced Mental Health Assessment will go further and look into the root causes of your symptoms thoroughly assessing both your physical and mental health as, more often than not, anxiety symptoms can stem from physical issues and vice versa. It is imperative to see the whole picture in order to offer fully informed and comprehensive care.

What happens next?

Once you have been fully assessed by our whole team, we will have an we will extensive picture of you as a person and any presenting disorder. Only then will we propose a range of treatments to restore your health. For dysfunctions to be reversed and for general wellbeing to be restored, it is necessary to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms of chronic disease. This is why we will potentially be suggesting changes to your pattern of living, your lifestyle, the food you eat as well as prescribing medications and therapies. Our Advanced Mental Health Assessment gives us the opportunity to reduce toxic overload of the gastro-intestinal system and liver, encourage regeneration of the tissues, and restore homeostasis (biochemical equilibrium within the cells). All of which can help reduce symptoms of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.