Feeling sluggish after the festive period? It is perfectly normal to feel the negative effects of all the ex-cess once the festive season has passed. At Behavioural Wealth, we understand that Christmas can be a time of serious over-indulgence; the mince pies, the bottomless Christmas dinner and excessive drinking – it all adds up. Fortunately for those of you who have overindulged, we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive health assessment available. We employ a holistic approach to assessment, focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual elements which make up an individuals’ overall health and well-being. Our simple mantra underpins everything we do, ‘The First Wealth is Health’.

We understand that a healthy mind and body are essential to succeed in every aspect of life, whether business or pleasure. Our commitment is to not only look at the numerous quantifiable test results we produce and analyse them, but to also understand and evaluate the behaviours and lifestyle choices which have caused the presenting symptoms. This all-encompassing assessment allows us to gain a more detailed picture of your life as a whole, not just around Christmas.

At Behavioural Wealth, we have often found that running alongside certain behavioural tendencies are underlying mental health issues. The Advanced Health Assessment provides us with a holistic view of you as person, we understand that effective treatment can only come from viewing behavioural and mental health side-by-side.

What can you Expect from Behavioural Wealth’s Advanced Health Assessment?

Each assessment is carried out in a discrete, comfortable central London location. At our facility you will be given a full physical assessment which includes; an MRI scan, blood tests, an ultrasound and a range of functional and biological screenings. These will provide us with the information needed to begin effectively treating any adverse test results or profoundly negative or destructive behaviours found which are impairing the body’s functions. Ranging from improving immune system and meta-bolic functioning to reducing gastrointestinal overload, no stone is left unturned.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is about improving your body’s overall physiological functions. Something that could be extremely helpful after the excesses of the festive season, as burning the candle at both ends can mean that certain functions, specifically our liver and digestive systems can take a hammering. We use system based biological approach allows us to specifically focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of any diseases or conditions that could show up in our analysis. Diagnostic tests on your immune, endocrine and digestive systems along with a nutritional and biomolecular analysis, provide us with enough data to make a full a comprehensive analysis of your body as a whole. In doing so we ensure prevention and treatment occur side by side, and are simply not just treating the symptoms but providing you with the knowledge to prevent it occurring again in the future. Following the advice of our functional medicine doctors will guarantee you a happier and healthier 2020.

Through digestive and gut function analysis we can find out how all that end of year indulging has affected your body. From stool to food allergy and intolerance testing we are able to get a detailed view of your gut fauna; vital for a health immune system, brain health and the digestion of various nutrients. A parasitology test will be carried out to evaluate the health of your gastrointestinal tract, checking for intestinal parasites, which can often go undetected if left untested. Symptoms often mir-ror that of mild illness including bloating and stomach pain. Something we can all relate to after an excessive and indulgent end to the year.

Christmas can be a stressful for time for some, the presents, the expectation and the financial burden of it all can have a profoundly negative effect on the body. Hormone testing can give us an insight into your stress levels and allow us to help alleviate that end of year stress, relieving any anxieties you have had leading up to the end of the year. Thyroid testing is done to check your metabolic functions, which can often be impaired after a period of excess. It is also essential in regulating energy levels and mood, and who doesn’t want to go into 2020 feeling happier than they ever have?

If that wasn’t enough our functional medicine experts will also conduct nutrient and vitamin profiles to make sure you nutrition for the new year is tailored to give you the best results. Our functional medicine approach means no system goes unchecked, we view and treat you as a whole, and that in-cludes all your body’s internal systems.

Mental Health Screening

As important as it is for our body to be functioning at 100%, the same can be said for our mental health. All the pressures of work, Christmas and the New Year can leave you mentally exhausted. Our mental health specialists and psychiatrists, who are some of the leading professionals in their field, will make sure you leave Behavioural Wealth feeling mentally recharged and more stable. A full mental health screening will allow them to give you the knowledge needed to avoid any mental health issues occurring in the future.

Our extensive team allow us to find a specialists for your specific issue; from anxiety disorders to ad-diction, we have someone who can help with your specific and unique issues. No one wants to go start the new year feeling anxious, let us make sure that you don’t. Our patient-centred approach means you can guarantee that one of our elite specialists will sit down with you and discuss lifestyle choices, your history and the environment you’re surrounding yourself with; allowing us to set you up with the most tailored approach to address your presenting symptoms. So why not make 2020 your best year yet? Come see us at Behavioural Wealth, where Health is the First Wealth.