Behavioural Wealth’s private mental health service in Central London can offer clients an in depth assessment and treatment service, tailored specifically to the clients needs. The experience is a highly personal one, and all aspects of the client’s history, genetics, and current lifestyle will be assessed.

Expert private psychiatrists and other mental health services in London

Behavioural Wealth provides access to an extraordinary range of experts who work together to meet the needs of our clients. We have some of the highest number of specialists and private psychiatrists outside the U.S., based in Central London. Each and every one of our team follow extremely strong clinical and regulatory standards and are constantly training in order to keep up with the newest and most innovative research and modalities in our fields. We are able to consistently guarantee high standards of care.We can also boast access to world-class experts who can speak in a wide variety of languages.

We work with a wide range of professionals, including doctors, nurses, alcohol counsellors, private practitioners, occupational therapists, dieticians, fitness trainers, psychologists and holistic therapists. Understanding that some of the leading experts in their profession are taking care of you, and working alongside you every step of your journey to recovery, is a value beyond measure. Rest assured that no part of your social, psychological, emotional or physical health will be left untreated in the competent hands of the Behavioural Wealth team. Behavioural Wealth offers a client centred approach to all treatment by engaging the client in therapeutic relationships with some of the most highly skilled private specialists available.

Behavioural Wealth excels at investigative diagnosis, able to join the dots after the initial assessment and finding ways to consequently treat the entire individual, not just the presenting symptoms.

Once the client has undergone the initial assessment, and we have been able to pinpoint their individual needs, we are then perfectly place to locate the most able professionals to deal with their specific requirements. Care and treatment is available for a variety of needs and disorders, including anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, neuropsychological issues such as dementia, behavioural disorders, and substance addiction issues including drug addiction and alcohol addiction. We know that can always treat individual symptoms, but unless we treat the whole person it is likely that problems will manifest themselves again in different ways.

Discretion and privacy

The team at Behavioural Wealth are progressive thinkers who understand that the future of medicine lies in the approach to the patient. Through careful assessment, we can see that the clients themselves hold the key to an intricate web of answers concerning their presenting disorder.

Privacy and discretion are key factors in our assessment and treatment services. Mental health treatment has always been a sensitive issue for many people, so rest assured that your needs will be met with the utmost discretion and without judgement. Our practitioners take time to actively listen to the client’s history with compassion, taking a look at the dynamics and interaction between the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that influence one’s long term health. This is known as functional medicine. Once you have embarked on your functional medical journey with Behavioural Wealth, you will come to realise that it is just as much a lifelong prevention as it is a treatment.

Our well guided team of professionals are all intent on helping you along on your journey back to health, assuring you peace of mind the whole way. Those suffering from burnout, substance dependency, eating disorders, anxiety, or any other mental health condition, are often suffering from deeper issues that are locked away from the surface of the psyche. At Behavioural Wealth, we prioritise the individual needs of the client, creating space for therapist and client alike to dig deep into the root causes of the issue. Once you have undergone our comprehensive health assessment, a hand picked team of professionals will be assigned to you. This team will cover the broad range of needs that must be met in order to reach the underlying issues.

During the assessment, overnight accommodation is provided at one of our many private locations. Privacy and discretion are guaranteed, as each location has been hand picked with the intention of providing a comfortable and private experience. Our assessment locations are discreetly located in the following areas:

  • Belgravia
  • Mayfair
  • Hyde Park
  • Knightsbridge
  • John’s Wood
  • Maida Vale
  • Hampstead

Service you can rely on in central London

An important part of the process in the Behavioural Wealth assessment and their treatment service, is the trust and security we can provide to our clients. After your initial assessment., there is no limit to the breadth of treatment we can provide our clients. Whatever the issue, we will leave no stone unturned until we find a sustainable treatment plan that works for both the client and their family. Reach out to us at Behavioural Wealth, we’re here, always.