Are you based in London, or travelling here a lot for work? Sometimes work and life pressures can get on top of us all and instead of trying to deal with everything alone, it is better to seek the help and advice from an expert. Behavioural Wealth in Central London can give you access to world class, cutting edge psychiatrists who are able to attend to any mental health or behavioural issue. Being in Central London means that we have some of the highest numbers of specialists and private psychiatrists outside of the U.S. and extremely strong clinical and regulatory standards.

It is invaluable, when you take that step to look after your own mental health, to know that you have put yourself in the care of some of the leading authorities in their fields. Don’t allow the mounting pressure to build up so much that you are no longer able to perform adequately either at work, or at home. Put yourself in the competent hands of Behavioural Wealth.

To learn more about the specialisms of our private psychiatrists, read below.

Private Psychiatrists in London Specialising in Depression:

Everyone goes through periods of their lives where they feel a little low, sad or upset. However, occasionally these feelings can become overwhelming and they refuse to shift, affecting your normal ability to function. When this happens, it may be because you are suffering from depression.

At Behavioural Wealth, we understand that when you feel depressed, it is often characterised by a total lack of motivation to do anything – including or especially seeking treatment. Although it may be daunting, reaching out and getting help for your depression will be the most important decision you can make for yourself.

With our expert, cutting edge psychiatrists specialising in depression, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you find a sustainable way to manage what probably seems insurmountable at the moment.

At Behavioural Wealth we are fortunate enough to work with world class psychiatrists trained in a variety of evidence based depression treatment methods which can help you to move forward and start living your life as you deserve to. Our team will also work with you to discover, and find solutions to, the deeper, underlying reasons your depression may be present. Our psychiatrists are also, if needed, able to prescribe the right medication to help you cope with your daily life.

Private Psychiatrists in London Specialising in Addiction:

Addiction is a scary word, and often we don’t want to admit that we are struggling with a dependence on a certain substance. However, at Behavioural Wealth you can rest assured that our discreet, cutting edge psychiatrists are specially trained in every addiction issue from alcohol and drug addiction, right through to gaming, gambling and sex addiction.

At Behavioural Wealth all of our psychiatrists, as well as everyone who works for us, understands the need for complete discretion. We have access to a wealth of specialists in many areas, including Medical Doctors, Nurses, Addiction Counsellors, Private Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Fitness Trainers, Nutritional staff and Psychologists. Collaboratively we will work with you to understand the underlying cause for your addictions and choose a team, including a private psychiatrist, who will make sure that no area of your Behavioural, Mental, Emotional or Physical Health is left untreated. Together we will create a uniquely personalised addiction treatment, tailored to your own individual requirements. Allow us to help you guide yourself towards a path of sustained recovery and put the pieces of your life back together again.

Private Psychiatrists in London Specialising in Anxiety

At Behavioural Wealth’s exclusive facility in central London, we understand that anxiety can become so debilitating that you are no longer able to live your life normally. Rest assured that this is not something you need to fight alone. Behavioural Wealth can offer world class psychiatrists with a wide range of experience in treating specific anxiety disorders. They will be able to help you find a sustainable way to manage most, if not all, anxiety disorders.

Our anxiety specialists are fully trained in all evidence based treatment methods known for anxiety. Together they will also work with you to ascertain whether there may be deeper, underlying reasons for your anxiety and, with you at the centre of your treatment, will help you find sustainable solutions to give you the possibility of a life free from worry and fear.

If and when needed, our psychiatrists are also able to prescribe medication that is sometimes necessary in order for you to continue living your life whilst also undergoing therapy in order to understand the root causes of your anxiety.

Private Psychiatrists in London Specialising in Burnout

If you are feeling constantly exhausted, stressed and disillusioned with your life and your job but can’t understand why, you might be experiencing burnout. Burnout is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with by professionals. If you leave burnout untreated your job could be threatened, as could your relationships as well as your health.

At Behavioural Wealth our team of private psychiatrists are all trained in the signs and symptoms of burnout. They will be able to diagnose you and then organise the best personalised treatment plan for you. They will look and treat you as a whole person, understanding that each individual is so much more than the sum of their symptoms. Reach out before you break down.