Comprehensive Health Screening Service

Do you need

a Health MOT?

At Behavioural Wealth, we know that your best asset is your health. That’s why we provide a comprehensive Health screening service. Often, we don’t get help until we’re in real discomfort. Our full medical ‘MOT’ is designed to catch any health conditions at the start, so you don’t have to go through unnecessary suffering. Prevention is always better than the cure.

In a hectic modern world, often we forget to take care of the most valuable thing we have – our bodies and minds. If they aren’t functioning at an optimal level we feel the effects – our personal lives and our employment is affected. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your body is a finely-tuned machine. Occasionally, we need tuning up and we don’t even realise. Our assessment will help you know exactly what to do to help you to be the best version of you. Our friendly and professional team will be able to offer you lifestyle advice and treatment, if necessary.

What do we

test for?

Our MOT is comprehensive, and carried out by trained medical experts. We will take your family history into account to inform us if we need to look for anything specific. However, if there is something that you want us to focus on, we are more than happy to accommodate. Some of the things we look at are:

  • Mental health assessment
  • Medical history and lifestyle review
  • BMI calculation
  • Blood pressure check
  • Blood Test, including cholesterol profile and diabetes
  • Immune system status

What do we


Everyone’s body is different, and so the needs of each of our client can vary. However, some of the most common issues we encounter are:

  • Exhaustion
  • Reduced immune system
  • Stress
  • Irregular appetite
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep issues

Often, we worry about what something could be, rather than getting help for it. With our comprehensive Heath MOT there is no need to wait around.

When you book with us, you’re seen as quickly as we possibly can. More often than not, it’s nothing to worry about. But when it is, we can give you the help you need.

Why you can’t afford

to wait for a health MOT

  • The quicker you catch an illness, the easier it is to treat
  • When our health is optimised, the rest of our life follows. You’ll be a better friend, partner, and employee.
  • You’ll be able to put any anxieties you might have about your health to bed – it’s always best to know
  • Treating any health condition earlier is much cheaper than treating it when it’s progressed – waiting around costs you money