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We’ve created a simple multiple choice test to help you determine whether you are at a high risk of Burnout. Please select which response is most relevant to you for each statement.

I’m tired and unmotivated even when I get enough sleep.

1 out of 20

I'm easily frustrated or irritable.

2 out of 20

I’ve started to feel negative towards anything work related.

3 out of 20

I feel misunderstood.

4 out of 20

I feel under appreciated at work.

5 out of 20

I struggle to empathise with other people.

6 out of 20

I am having trouble sleeping.

7 out of 20

I feel run down and exhausted.

8 out of 20

My mood is often low.

9 out of 20

I am struggling to make decisions.

10 out of 20

I don’t feel fulfilled anymore by my job.

11 out of 20

I feel under too much pressure from work and home.

12 out of 20

I feel like I’m not fulfilling my own expectations at work.

13 out of 20

I have been using external things to help me cope with how I feel (such as alcohol, drugs, food or sex).

14 out of 20

I'm having trouble concentrating.

15 out of 20

I work long hours and don’t give myself enough time off.

16 out of 20

I am feeling physical symptoms such as back pain or a bloated stomach.

17 out of 20

I am constantly stressed.

18 out of 20

I struggle to be present.

19 out of 20

I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about my problems.

20 out of 20

You have completed the Behavioural Wealth Burnout Test.

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