“A life of success, excess and a bottle of Pétrus too many led one man to check into this very special Mayfair rehab facility”

It was over a 1am cigarette and whisky sour with an old friend in the courtyard of 5 Hertford Street that breaking point was reached. He abruptly told me I needed to do something about my lifestyle, which was rich, I thought, as we were both two bottles deep. I was surprised by this so-called intervention, but also relieved: a part of me had felt for a while as if I had lost my way.

The next morning, at my friend’s insistence and recommendation, I put my work plans on hold and booked into Behavioural Wealth, a private rehab facility, whose motto, fitting for its wealthy clientele, is ‘The first health is wealth’. It’s around the corner from my offices near Claridge’s – useful as I didn’t have the time to be dispatched to Switzerland to be ‘sorted out’.

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