AnxietySelf Assessment Test

In a hectic, fast paced world symptoms of anxiety can often be ignored. Left untreated these can manifest into damaging physical problems, whilst also impairing you sufficiently mentally until you are unable to function normally. As the stigma surrounding mental health fades, more and more people are seeking help and advice about symptoms of anxiety. Find out if you are suffering from anxiety by taking our Anxiety Self Assessment Test.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help you on your path to recovery from anxiety.

I find it difficult to relax, stay still and unwind.

I suffer with stomach problems, such as nausea or cramping.

I get annoyed easily and am irritable.

My breathing changes. I find I am short of breath.

I feel off balance and unsteady on my feet.

Sleep is problematic, I wake up early and experience difficulty getting to sleep.

Life can feel overwhelming and little things cause me to panic.

My hands shake or tremble.

I worry about everything.

I feel fearful and afraid.

I feel an underlying sense of dread.

You have completed the Behavioural Wealth Anxiety Test.

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