ADHDSelf Assessment Test

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A person with ADHD has a difference in brain activity that impacts their ability to focus, among other things. It affects millions of children and, left untreated, can continue into adulthood. Find out if you’re living with the behavioural symptoms of ADHD by taking our ADHD Self Assessment Test.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help set you on your path to recovery from ADHD.

I find tasks and projects difficult to complete.

Organising myself is difficult.

I find it hard to remember my appointments.

I delay starting tasks and projects that require a lot of preplanning and thought.

Sitting still is difficult, I often fidget and squirm.

I feel driven to do things and always feel a need to be "on the go".

In a group situation it is hard to remain attentive.

My thoughts can feel jumbled and that makes concentrating on one thing at a time difficult.

I am impulsive around decision making, not thinking through the consequences fully.

I am quick to anger and am irritable.

My moods can vary vastly, from very low to high and happy.

I miss parts of conversations because I’m distracted.

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